Jamie Lancastor

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25 years old
May 21 1981 - Feb 02 2007
Born in Minot, ND


Jamie has a lithe body type and stands at around 5'6¾. He has light/medium skin, greyish blue eyes, and messy shoulder-length dark auburn hair with darker roots and strands that usually cover the right side of his face. He has faint freckles on his face, arms, and shoulders, and numerous self-inflicted scars on his chest, wrists, the tops of his forearms, and upper arms near his shoulders. He has (typically diamond stud or pearl) lobe piercings.


hes gay no hes not actually hes straight #oops

voice claim: Lillie West
Voice Samples

Jamie's voice is deep and a little raspy from the years of damaging his vocal cords by forcing his voice down; despite this, he continues to force it down when around others. He usually speaks sternly at a just-above-normal volume to seem authoritative.

Jamie is a soiething that i have yet to write


whateverrrr man. who give a shit


Kasey Marilynn
i could go onnnnn

Jean Marshall

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