Alexander Marie Deane

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24 years old
June 20 1988 - Jan 07 2013
Born in Risk, TX


Alex has a slightly toned body type and stands at around 5'11½ (6'2½ in his platforms). He has light/medium skin, brown eyes with a very slight reddish tinge, and messy, naturally wavy short brown hair with flipped bangs that cover most of his left eye. His hair is typically artificially curled for extra flair. He has freckles on his face, arms, and shoulders, a small beauty mark under his right eye, and numerous barely visible scars on his arms, hands, and torso. He has double helix piercings, lobe piercings (typically triangle-shaped in some way), and a lip ring on the right side of his bottom lip.


Alex wears mostly dark, basic, and masculine fashion. He's usually seen with a black wrist cuff on his left wrist and three black bracelets or a black hairband wrapped three times on the right. His nails are typically painted dark shades of red or black.

His primary outfit includes a black sleeveless turtleneck, dark grey skinny jeans with a wallet chain on the right side, and his platform Doc Martens.

His secondary outfit includes a black tanktop, a silver chain necklace with an inverted cross, black skinny jeans, and red Converse All Star high tops, along with (optionally) round red-tinted sunglasses.

His death outfit includes a large grey shirt with whitish stripes, black cargo shorts, and his platform Docs with black socks visible just above his ankles.

voice claim: Cody Carson
Voice Samples

Alex's voice is somewhat hoarse, primarily from smoking. He speaks with a noticeable Eastern Texas drawl with a bit of Louisianian influence, says things like “y'all” and “ain’t”, and often drops the G from words ending in
-ing. His natural speaking voice is usually very calm and easy on the ears. When out, he tends to play up his accent around others.

Alex is a sultry, charismatic lady-killer with a bit of a god complex. He likes to present himself as calm, cool, and collected, and enjoys socializing with others; that, coupled with his wealth, resulting in him often being invited to large social gatherings (despite his insistence that he doesn't enjoy them). He has a passion for alcohol bordering on addiction; he often turns to alcohol to drown out his thoughts. When overwhelmingly drunk, he's either sickeningly sweet, excessively complimenting whoever's in front of him and begging for love and attention, or harsh and rude with almost no remorse, taking out his feelings on others either physically, verbally, or — most likely — both. He gets impatient quickly, and will often take his anger issues out on those around him if he feels he or his image is being threatened in any way.



Kasey Marilynn
Dated for a few months in 2006, though they never officially broke up. Despite her influence on him, he's mostly forgotten about her.

Ciel Avery
Dated for a year up until late 2012. He's absolutely fascinated with Ciel.

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